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Our all-volunteer staff is responsible for creating and managing programs, developing and teaching courses, outreach and operating our Moodle platform.  Contact us below if you are interested in helping.  We are always looking for program developers, subject matter experts and instructional designers to join us.


Hope Global University is grateful to the International Professors Project for incubating us and providing volunteers to create and guide our early efforts.  Our other partners appear below.


Guided by the International Professors Project, we have built an organization staffed by smart, caring volunteers who wish to share their knowledge to make the world a better place to learn and live.   Our partners are NGOs and social enterprises with local expertise where are students are found.  They guide us in developing programs that are certain to meet the needs of their constituents.


  • Parama Banarjee – Human Resources Specialist

  • Noah Bate – Instructional Designer

  • Elena Bukreeva – Instructional Designer

  • Vanessa Blake – Assistant Human Resources Director

  • Priyanka Chaudhari – Business Manager

  • Wycliff Coward – Subject Matter Expert

  • Benjamin V. Davis – Web Designer

  • Rachel Davis – Social Media Specialist

  • Paulami Ghosal –  Human Resources Director

  • Rudrarup Gupta – Research Associate

  • Antoinette Hando – Lead Instructional Designer

  • Diane Jacques – Multimedia Producer/Instructional Designer

  • Abhi Jalan – IT Director, IPP

  • Sandhya Lakhanpal – Instructional Designer

  • Ran Lin – Instructional Designer

  • Wei LongHuang – Project Manager

  • Jill Moe – Accessibility Specialist

  • Anuja Padhye – Graphic Artist

  • Amee Pandya – Assistant Web Developer

  • Puja Pillai – IPP Human Resources Director

  • Gabrielle Schofield – Instructional Designer

  • Radikha Seshan – Human Resources Specialist

  • Rachita Srikanth – Instructional Designer

  • Maria Toy – Instructional Designer

  • Aparna Venkatesan – Intern

  • Alan Wilson – Web Developer

  • Rebekah Wright – Instructional Designer

Dakini Technology, USA

Innodev Consultants, India

Midwest Technology Access Group, USA

SourcEd Group, USA

Warm Heart Foundation, Thailand

Administrative Team

Debra Chittur, Ed.D. - Founder and President

Krishnan Chittur, Ph.D. - India projects

Eugene Fregetto, Ph.D. - ASEAN projects

Laura Gray, Ph.D. - Education

Michelle Warn, Ph.D. - Vice President

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